Dimension Labs Technology (DLT)

DLT is an research and development (R&D) software company. We are producer and service provider for high quality, sustained and efficient software.
We are characterized by our "think first"   and   "keep control"   - mentality, analytical acting, excitement and sustainment for our work a great portion of curiosity.


DLT started its activities in 2012

Starting out from scientiffic needs in dealing with big variant data amounts within molecular biology at the life science sector and the ability to easy analyse them we wanted to make complex information "handy". So we started the development of an flexible information manager.

Advanced requirements in the area of analysis, optimization and visualization leadd to further development and total settlement as software company. Meanwhile our applications evolved to great software kits for many use cases and application fields.

We develop for different dimensions, overcome challenges from different aspects of view (desktop, web, 2D, 3D) in a variety of fields of technology,

think as discoverers, analysts and researchers and act with a R&D mentality- that is why we are Dimension Labs Technology (DLT).

DLT was founded by   EM