Software for Developers - Our SDKs for desktop and web ease and unify application development integral.

Software for Constructors - Build your own application without programming knowledge.

Software for Users - Information management / knowlegde building, analysis, optimization and document generation made simple.

InfoLink - Information Management, data mining and individual document generation

InfoLink is a hybrid application, using our technology stack as well as common established software libraries showing an efficient interaction between different softwa concepts (paradigms) and architecures. Information easily can be gathered from different data sources, processed and redistributed. Individual print orders, layouts and document generation allow to present content to other from your working session as needed. Data mining and machine learning methods give your the ability to get what you need from the data.

InfoLink Screenshot
Individual Modules
  • Entity Component Storage (Datawarehouse, Blackboard)
  • Signal/Receiver async. transmission (Event processing)
  • Transponder based (async.) Data FLow Graph (application logic)
  • Behavioural tree (BT) processors (application logic)
  • Web template engines - Fast layout evaluation
  • InfoLink as data based application kit
Modules Summmary
SCOPE - Structures Control Operations Performance Engine
SCOPE is software for software: A tiny fast engine with redy to use renderes and other common used systems such as collision detection, input-handling, event-communication for development of stable performant applications for needs in science, business and gaming.
  • S tructures - Low level inspired, data oriented and centralized handling of data structures (entities, warehouse).
  • C ontrol - Flat hierarchies, low inheritance, no nested dependencies. Control flow and data flow friendly.
  • O perations - Based on the single responsibility princple(SRP) design evaluation standard.
  • P erformance - CPU (Cache) friendly execution.
  • E ngine - No need to take care for the main processes, implement only your use cases.
AMINOS - Agents - Machines - Information - Neurons - Optimization - Simulation

AMINOS is an algorithm library and module collection for the design of a variety of applications with focus on data organization, data mining, machine and deep learning and optimization. It provides modular components for a wide range of use cases and reoccuring issues in software development.

PROTEOS - Pseudo Random Organized Evolving Topology Operating Segements

Analog to Proteins as a higher structure composed of amino acids, PROTEOS realizes a processing paradigm capable of providing a very flexible and agile functional execution strategy. It allows to change behaviour and execution hierarchies at runtime of an application. Therefore it helps for abstraction of application flow and increases reusability of components.

ARES - Adaptive Resilent Evolutionary Systems

ARES is our upcoming environment for intelligent, self adapting and automated composition of AMINOS-components, PROTEOS execution model and customer indiviudal elements within the PROTEOS process topology.

ARES Model
COSMOS - Component Oriented Structures, Minimal Operating Systems

COSMOS is the name of our core of technology. It is a concept which unifys different strategies, methods and paradigms from systems and software engineering.

    The goals behind COSMOS:
  • performant stable software, state control
  • facility design: intuitive, light crossing from conception and development
  • consistent: repeatable rule sets, implicit standard
  • keeps freedom: no force of usage of concrete paradigm or development styles
  • variable: loose coupling to allow functionalities to be used or transported in other concepts
In the end we created an abstract development base for software - a hybrid composed of component based architecture, parallelizable asynchrone messaging, state observation and independent working agents with strong decoupling of dependencies, modular and stable. COSMOS has been realized within our main products and can be integrated as hybrid into any existing software architecture. We provide the integration of that concept into your workflow.
COSMOS Dev Model
Software Development Lifecycle Integration

Software development involves interdisciplinary actions (use case estimation, agile management, modeling, implementation, testing,...) COSMOS Dev Model We bring solutions for bridging gaps between the different disciplines involved. Our technology shortens the way from conception to implementation and inherits a uniform strictness leading to more stability and less errors.

COSMOS Applied