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  • Components for data assessment / statistics (data mining) and related visualization (charts)
  • Data storage modules (warehouse) and signal based asynchronous message transmission
  • Automata/Engines (data flow processing) for general purposes, tests and animation
  • Data driven template engines and document generators


  • Software architectures and programming paradigms
  • Effective project management / process optimization (concept, realization, test)
  • Resilent automata and data flow programming strategies
  • Modern C++ / Cache Optimization
  • Generalization and abstraction of concepts, engine and algorithm design
  • ML/AI technologies in usage for every day scenarios

Implementation Workflow

Modeling Process



  • Data structures/algorithms for data mining / AI / combinatorial optimization
  • Automata/Engines and interpreters
  • Behaviour driven agents and automated test scenarios
  • Individual desktop and web modules
  • Analysis and decomposition for existing software/code
  • Optimization related to SRP, KISS, DRY - principles


  • Architectural planing, component modeling, algorithm design
  • Better Code through abstraction and automation of processes
  • Project management and process optimization (thinking system oriented)
  • Service oriented clusters and web based UI as platform independent all in one solutions


  • Linux (general, webserver)
  • Shopware5 systems installation and configuration as well as migration from other systems
  • Redmine Projectmanagement installation, configuration (state sequences, automated tickets via email) and maintenance
Supported languages: C++(1x), JavaScript, php, python, C#