Dimension Labs Technology

Software solutions for automated, dynamic and interactive

data organization, visualization, analysis and optimization

Sustainable, efficient software through smart models, data structures and algorithms.
Engines, applications and educational software, modules for integration.
Individual solutions, consulting/training, project management and process optimization.
That you can full focus on your use cases we take care over the background work of your applications.
Flexibility and stability in your plannings - benefit by our COSMOS-Technology.
Our provided software can be used in parallel or additional with other existing and therefore serves as enhancement and not only standalone.

COSMOS Technology

Chaos within projects Ideas, features, agile development, time pressure, HR-exchange, lacking standards and many more issues lead to chaos within project realization.
Multidimensional structuring Integral, multidimensional project modeling and standardized evaluation lead to structure and stability even at higher complexity.
Roder and control Chaos transforms to a packed compressed order with ensured agility and flexibility.
COSMOS is a technical concept which makes hybrid use of methods of systems- and software engineering to unify different aspects within software development like planing, agility, stability and control. It is the conceptual foundation for our development and products. Our provided software can be used in parallel or additional with other existing and therefore serves as enhancement and not only standalone.


A processor friendly application environment for desktop and web.

AMINOS Application Bundle

Algorithm library and SCOPE-based module and application collection for many use cases..
Themes addressed:
Automation, Multi-Agente Systems (MAS), Data Mining / Information-Management, Maschine Learning / AI (Deep learning), Operation Research (Stochastic & Combinatorial Optimization) and Simulation of complex systems.


  • Components for data assessment / statistics (data mining) and related visualization (charts)
  • Data storage modules (warehouse) and signal based asynchronous message transmission
  • Automata/Engines (data flow processing) for general purposes, tests and animation
  • Data driven template engines and document generators


  • Software architectures and programming paradigms
  • Effective project management / process optimization (concept, realization, test)
  • Resilent automata and data flow programming strategies
  • Modern C++ / Cache Optimization
  • Generalization and abstraction of concepts, engine and algorithm design
  • ML/AI technologies in usage for every day scenarios

Implementation Workflow

Modeling Process



  • Data structures/algorithms for data mining / AI / combinatorial optimization
  • Automata/Engines and interpreters
  • Behaviour driven agents and automated test scenarios
  • Individual desktop and web modules
  • Analysis and decomposition for existing software/code
  • Optimization related to SRP, KISS, DRY - principles


  • Architectural planing, component modeling, algorithm design
  • Better Code through abstraction and automation of processes
  • Project management and process optimization (thinking system oriented)
  • Service oriented clusters and web based UI as platform independent all in one solutions


  • Linux (general, webserver)
  • Shopware5 systems installation and configuration as well as migration from other systems
  • Redmine Projectmanagement installation, configuration (state sequences, automated tickets via email) and maintenance
Supported languages: C++(1x), JavaScript, php, python, C#

R&D Specification

  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Software architecture
  • Systems engineering
  • Automata
  • Information management
  • Data mining
  • Operation research (stochastic & combinatorial optimization)
  • Multi-Agent Systema (MAS)
  • Machine Learning
  • AI (Deep learning)
  • Simulation of complex systems

Dimension Labs Technology (DLT)

DLT is an research and development (R&D) software company. We are producer and service provider for high quality, sustained and efficient software.
We are characterized by our "think first"   and   "keep control"   - mentality, analytical acting, excitement and sustainment for our work a great portion of curiosity.


DLT started its activities in 2012

Starting out from scientiffic needs in dealing with big variant data amounts within molecular biology at the life science sector and the ability to easy analyse them we wanted to make complex information "handy". So we started the development of an flexible information manager.

Advanced requirements in the area of analysis, optimization and visualization leadd to further development and total settlement as software company. Meanwhile our applications evolved to great software kits for many use cases and application fields.

We develop for different dimensions, overcome challenges from different aspects of view (desktop, web, 2D, 3D) in a variety of fields of technology,

think as discoverers, analysts and researchers and act with a R&D mentality- that is why we are Dimension Labs Technology (DLT).